Nicky Shane


My interest in the world of cafes embodies what we all enjoy; friends,good food, art and comfort. The word "Cafe" automatically inspires a unique ambiance and flavor. (It's almost as if the food will refrain from adding on extra weight.)

There exists so many great Cafe paintings that I always try to add an extra element to my paintings to define and identify my style. This has inspired me to paint "Cafe for One" and even "Bar for One". These two pieces approach the solidarity of the creative life and cast the cafe mystique in a different light. Great cafes feed the enigma "unique, healthy, and creative therefore its customers are as well."

My close friend, Denise Flachbart at La Petite Soiree has had a huge influence on my paintings of the cafe world. Her love of the Parisian lifestyle and its well known cafes embellishes and quantifies anything European. I'm lucky to have her as my personal critic. If she likes my latest cafe painting I know that others will as well.

Note: The art pieces on this page have either been sold or are on permanent loan to private collections.

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