Nicky Shane

Harmonica Art Series

Sometime in March 2009, I opened a door I had closed thirty years before. Behind that door was my mid-twenty's attempt at large scale surrealism. Under capitulation, I reluctantly decided I would return to it at a later date.

What instigated my return was a recent painting titled "Paris on Mars". It started out as a commensal piece about Paris and "Wallah!" Painting accidents transported it to Mars. Falling face first into my deluge, a collusion of brain synapses crossed swinging the door wide open and igniting many questions. The first one "Are there any surrealistic paintings about my instrument the harmonica?" Suddenly, the notes started screaming and the colors started flying, kind of like the way I play!

Now, returning to my ingress, I'm challenging contemporary limitations by painting my unlimited quest of the harmonica in my favorite medium watercolor.

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