Nicky Shane

I Felt Naked On Stage

The entertainment adage "I felt naked on stage" is an emotional and intellectual connection pertaining to the whole of human nature. At some point of interaction during the show the performer stands there, psychologically naked and exposed on many levels. This phenomena embellishes the dark, the light, and all the elements of survival and ego we all hide behind, share, love, embrace and despise.

The audience and performer all perceive this capitulation and therefore feel released from its bonds. Time feels as if it's been cast in a surreal moment of positive, happy and unconditional sharing. It raises the level of entertainment to the ubiquitous experience of a spiritual moment. Then everybody gets up and walks out as the performer stands there emotionally exposed (naked) again, trying to find his soul.

The legends of music I chose to celebrate lived an effusive lifestyle in an unrestrained form of expression that affected generations of music lovers to come. I used layered pastels that softens the nudity and creates a feeling of timelessness.

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