Nicky Shane
Nicky Shane's Art

Nicky Shane's Art

Since his first art commission at seventeen, Nicky's work hangs in the private collection of the Jerry West basketball family, Paul Welch, the Chumash Family and many others, adorning walls across the US and Europe.

Traveling extensively for 14 years as a professional stand-up comedian, he's amassed a plethora of visual ideas and expanded his wisdom of people and life. His artwork reflects the growth of his personal and spiritual path which he constantly works to expand. Sharing this and more with the students he teaches in Santa Barbara, CA, where he currently resides and works, Nicky continues to explore new and different keys and colors.

Working mostly in watercolor with pen and ink or pastels, Nicky says, "Art is emotion shared in a visual context. I take elements from all aspects of my survival and try to invent something that is an extension of me. Sensitivity is the prerequisite to creating something people can relate to."

Nicky's "Harmonica Art Series" is currently on display at the Judith Kaufman Gallery in Los Angeles.

Below is a list of Nicky's various other series:

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