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Multi-dimensional. Free spirit. Renaissance man. Musician, artist, comedian, actor, writer. Remarkably creative. These are some of the adjectives used to describe Nicky Shane at one point or another over his long career. In fact, hešs been generating art in some form pretty much his entire life.

I met Nicky in 1983 when I was a co-producer at a fledgling cabaret & comedy club in San Jose, California, and he was an upstart stand-up comic making the rounds in the greater San Francisco Bay Area. I watched him do his set from the back of the club and pretty quickly recognized something he had that the other comics on the bill seemed to be missing; charisma.

From that day on, we became comrades and allies helping one another in various creative endeavors and providing that often needed friendship and support when things looked their most bleak. I watched him become a professional touring stand-up comic, a writer/director and actor in movies, exhibit his artwork at galleries and openings, and perform in diverse and varied rock groups.

Today he continues to express himself in as many mediums as possible. Whether releasing CDs of original music, hanging a show in a gallery somewhere, or flying off to do a comedy set in Anytown, USA, Nicky Shane is as energetic, inspired, and as dedicated to ‹ not just creating art, but also staying true to it - as that night I first saw him perform so many years ago.