Nicky Shane
Benefit Shows

Benefit Shows

Over the years I have performed many benefit shows all over the country, mostly for the homeless, mainly because I have been homeless myself and I know the inside workings of struggle, mistakes, bad luck and tough circumstances. To save money, I lived in my van for almost two years in my late teens and early twenty's.

I always feel people just need another chance and some positive support and direction to get back on their feet. Mental stability is also a factor and few people realize that if you become homeless and stay on the streets for any amount of time, you're chances of becoming mentally unstable are very high. Because, as a homeless person, you're constantly dealing with rejection and so starkly alone (and ignored by society), that it can drive you crazy.

Also, you need to have three things in place to stay off the street; a home, a job, and transportation. If you are missing one of those elements, you're in trouble. There are no two homeless stories that are the same, although people have a tendency to stereotype.

I will never change about this, I am there for ANY benefit to support human rights or just feed people.

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