Nicky Shane
Puggs and Toast

Puggs and Toast

Puggs and Toast was a movie I made with the incredibly gifted comedian Bill Sacra.

It was never finished officially as I just slapped an ending on it in the late 90's and it still wasn't right. Since then it has garnered a small underground following.

It was mostly Bill's vision and I learned enough on that project (for two years) that finally convinced me that without a descent budget it's almost impossible to make a feature length movie without killing yourself. It was a grand lesson (after writing sixteen screenplays) to convince me to move on to my favorite hobby, playing music.

Unfortunately, Bill Sacra has passed on and we all miss him. He painted the great video cover that depicted the wacked out characters and story so perfectly. Bill pushed me as an artist and an actor and I will forever be thankful to him. See you in Comedy Heaven Bro!

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