Nicky Shane
Heavy Metal Harmonica

Heavy Metal Harmonica

This was a music project where I was trying to establish my harmonica style as a LEAD instrument in a different form of music never done before. The problem was that the contemporary definition of Heavy Metal had changed. This was the year after Led Zeppelin was voted the All Time Greatest Heavy Metal Band. Who would have thunk it had all changed to grunting and farting, sorry Robert and the music god, Mr J. Page!

Santa Barbara is musically conservative and people/audiences stayed away thinking we were too heavy and ear splitting. There are still some good songs on that album and it was an important step process to where I am today.

Brian Buel built a kick-ass web site though so were keeping it. No telling when It could be relevant again. I might turn 70, go back and record another HMH album. I never say never!

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