Nicky Shane
Iconoclast Rebel

Iconoclast Rebel

Lead by Guinness World Record Holder, Nicky Shane, who has established "THE WORLDS FASTEST HARMONICA PLAYER", Nicky has developed a guitar effects driven approach shaping unique grooves and laying down shredding solos that has guitar players continually stunned when they realize it's not a Les Paul but a ten hole diatonic harp.

The classically trained multi-instrumentalist DNA shares the songwriting and direction of the band, trained on the piano from an early age, with visions of a conservatory career which was laid to the wayside when he got rocked & rolled.

Kim Schmitt started drumming with Mike Ray of Santa Barbara for 11 years and has performed with many bands in and around USA playing jazz, blues and rock, one of her biggest influences is Mick Fleetwood.

The band creates multiple layers of cool steady ear chasing electric body rhythms, melodic, light and heavy.

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