Nicky Shane
The Age Of Rhythm

The Age Of Rhythm

Instigated by Nicky, this project brought together first-time producer Rob Davis and a group of veteran Santa Barbara musicians.

Nicky's motivation was to capture a live jam in the studio with very few rehearsals to keep it fresh and edgy. Bob Hay, Jeff Seaton and Nicky would take turns performing solos as if they were on stage while the phenomenal rhythm section of Ken Bortolazzo, Steve Fields and Andre Rodriguez blended groves, bridges and breaks.

Eight to twelve minute songs was the goal. Rob Davis would orchestrate the time as well as the selections of songs and many other aspects of the production.

"Every song was one take and we didn't know if we had any magic until we listened to it several days later" said Rob.

From the response and the sales it appears they have. Over 400 CD's were sold in Santa Barbara...Sweet!

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