Nicky Shane
The Nicky Shane Band - NSB

The Nicky Shane Band - NSB

After a short hiatus NSB will be changing direction with a new rhythm section, song list and management. Now based in Hollywood, California, NSB is adding its own twist to classic covers like Jail Break, Dear Mr. Fantasy while still playing the original songs audiences have been cramming local clubs to hear.

On top of that Nicky has just re-tooled his harmonica rig with the help of master sound tech Stephon Lew, from LA's Solutions. "The tone allows more melody in the symmetry of my phrasing, says Nicky, it's helping me move between middle and high registers to a finer degree of the note."

After six years Nicky is still the Guinness World Records "Fastest Harmonica Player". Playing in Blues bands for fifteen years Nicky developed a guitar-driven approach, shaping unique groves and shredding solo's that routinely leave guitar players stunned once realizing it's not a Les Paul but a ten hole harmonica. His nine albums which include "Age of Rhythm and Iconoclast Rebel" among them, bespeak that.

New drummer Ockny Cacao has been a percussion instructor for 18 years but recently decided to pursue his personal goals in music and his love of Rock in all its forms. Inspired by the swing of Gene Krupa, the spirit of John Densmore and the machine-like precision of Neil Peart, Ockny believes that experimentation is worth the frequent failures despite the pressure to "keep it straight" that many modern musicians feel.

A native of Mid-City Los Angeles, he has performed with local groups and taught himself to read, write and arrange music. He's just as at home with pencil and paper as he is with drumsticks. A lover of classic literature his lyrical themes often evoke images from famed poets, writers and can depart from common Rock motifs. "I like him a lot, says Nicky, Ockny is the Mitch Mitchell I've been looking for. He's a communicator with his sticks and his acute awareness and intelligence."

Guitarist and songwriter Fazio helps keep the bands approach fresh. "Fazio's instincts are amazing and he's earned a strong influence in this band. He understands rhythm and timing and that's something that's hard to teach. It might be because he's also a stand-up comedian." says Nicky (also a long time professional stand-up). Fazio just graduated from UCSB with a degree in film and his progressive shorts have already drawn him a lot of attention.

Multi-instrumentalist, keyboards, bassist and guitarist Charles "Chas" Raub can be distinctly heard on the new recordings enriching the emotion of every song. Nicky points out, "Chas has a great knack for songwriting and his contributions really help take the music to new places. He's brilliant and it's just a matter of time until the recent English graduate makes his mark as a writer and as a musician."

New member Emory Moody aka ET brings years of recording, writing and performing experience to help expand every aspect of NSB music. He's flexible enough to play every instrument as he will be trading off bass and keyboard duties with Chas while picking up his guitar where his playing is legendary.

ET started music at an early age, devouring the entire Thomas Color Glo-Organ learning system and jumping into arrangements of Franz Liszt by 10 years of age, performing such works with an experimental elementary school music program in Minneapolis in the mid 1970's. He went on to a number of teen-aged rock and roll outfits and in1987 attended University of Minnesota and composed original music for plays there. In 1998 he started the band Duke Resonant which mutated into the Duke Resonant Orchestra, an act with revolving personnel which lives on to this day.

"Emory's musical and technical skills are off the charts and philosophically we come from the same planet" says Nicky. I'm looking forward to creating and playing music with him.

NSB is currently working on their double CD "Self-Righteous Ignorance". Digging on the musical brotherhood, "This is a band of diverse, insane talent that synchronistic-ally could blow your mind, Nicky says, every time we step on stage it is going to be an event."

Listen to three of the new demos by clicking on the links below.

5th Street

Running With The Bulls

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